A Rather Unfortunate Announcement

I have no internet a my house therefore, I cannot write blog posts. I would need to go to the library (or another place with internet) very often and sometimes, I am unable to go there. So to make things less stressful, I decided that I’m only going to write one post a month. I apologize and it isn’t really in my best interests either but it’s really stressful having to bring my computer whenever we go somewhere with internet (which is not that often) so I’ll still write just not as often. But since this post was kinda boring so far I’ll just say some things that are hopefully more intresting.

I decided to start a book club. There are particular people I wish could join but they are in Georgia and well 😦

I found out about this book, Scythe, by Neal Shusterman, it’s GREAT

School started, it is also GREAT.

Cutie cats:

The honorable mention is:

Cottia from The Eagle of the Ninth

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