5 Ways to Decorate Your House for Christmas

A simple bowl, maybe the size of a large watermelon, with color-themed ornaments in it is a great way to decorate for Christmas with things that you might just have lying around the house

Putting a wreath or two up captures many elements of Christmas in one beautiful accessory. They’re also wonderful because you can decorate the house with them outside as well as inside.

Even though cookies aren’t exactly a decoration, they still bring happiness to the house. Especially if they have a specific Christmas design or shape. They also taste insanely good.

Christmas lights literally light up the house but they do the same metaphorically. You can put them around the tree, you can line the windows with them, there are endless possibilities and they are just plain beautiful.

Pine decorations like the ones in the picture, just scattered around the house can be the finishing touch, the key to a joyful home. You can put them on the stair cases, on the walls, in the kitchen etc.

Sorry if this was something you were going to recommend as a post in your email to me (more info in my home and about page) I just couldn’t WAIT! :3

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