Insane Names I give my cats

First of all, an update on my goal, The artist hasn’t responded for days! I might need to just illustrate the manga myself.

Now for the insane names

As a side note, the ! marks mean I only say the name loudly or squeaky

Let’s start with Pixie

  1. Pikushi (Japanese word for Pixie)
  2. Pikolsheps (I said they were insane)
  3. Pikuspeps
  4. Kolshi (evolved from Pikolsheps)
  5. Peps
  6. Pepsbean
  7. Pix!!!!
  8. Lovebean
  9. Pikusi
  10. Pixol
  11. Pixelixel
  12. Obean
  13. Pepsicute
  14. Pixel
  15. Pikushipeps

(That was embarrassing)

Now for Dove

  1. Hatobean (probs most commonly used)
  2. Hato (Japanese word for Dove/Pigeon)
  3. Pigeonbean
  4. Pigeonlove
  5. Lovebean (again)
  6. Obean (again)
  7. Olove
  8. Lovedove
  9. Hatolove!!!
  10. Silly lil love

Now Cloudy

  1. Ku-kun (confusing Japanese explanation that I don’t have time for)
  2. Loudsbean
  3. Loudsio
  4. Kwowds
  5. Fluffbutt (xD)
  6. Fluffcloud
  7. Kumo! (Japanese word for cloud)
  8. Kumori (Japanese word for cloudy/overcast xD)
  9. Kumori-kun
  10. Olouds
  11. Fluffbean

That’s about it

And for the honorable mention, it’…Cassia Reyes!

Cassia Reyes | Matched Wiki | Fandom

I can’t see it this time either!

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