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The Pixie Journal

Hello! I’m completely new to Blogging, and my thanks goes to Reese Salonen who gave me the idea to have a blog. I am dedicating it to her and my cat Pixie who earned her name in the title. She is my lovebean and the best pet anyone could wish for. I will be posting about random things that are hopefully interesting, most of which have some relation to books.

Meet Pixie

I know it’s probably weird that I’m introducing my cat before myself but she is the star of my blog after all. She was our second cat after Cloudy and before Dove. I wanted a calico cat desperately and went out of my way to get her. I eventually found her in our village and loved her immediately.

Cloudy and Pixie

About me

My name is Sophie, I have a last name too, it’s Gochitashvili, try pronouncing that! It’s Georgian, like the country not the state. That’s where my dad is from. My mom is from the united states. Minnesota to be exact and that’s where I like to say I’m from too because Georgia, no matter how much people tell me it’s amazing, I just can’t seem to get myself to like it. I do however, love Japan (if you couldn’t tell by the background) and cats. Cats are the best existing things in my opinion. I especially love calico cats like my Pix. I also love reading and writing. I have two brothers Luca and Otti and they are the most annoying beings earth has ever created. They are ten and five and I am twelve. My favorite series are Warriors and Keeper of the Lost Cities. They’re #amazing!

We’re currently living in Minnesota indefinitely but we have a house in Georgia and I totally want to live in Japan