Random Reccomendations

HI PEEPS! So sorry I haven’t posted anything for the last week or so. I was busy with other things like Christmas. Yay! Anywaaaaaay…I’m still in MN and one of our flights just got canceled back to Georgia! I’m not sure if I should be exited or bummed. I had a great Christmas an today……………is New Year’s Eve!!!! Woohoo! My dad and I have this tradition where we set up a table with sweets and fruits and things like that and go wake everyone up at 11:something pm to celebrate the New Year! We get to do that tonight yay! Anyway, let’s get to the point of this post:

TV show: Avatar the Last Airbender

It’s great! It’s kinda anime and there are like people who control the elements and there’s an Avatar who can control all four of them. This particular series is about Avatar Aang and his team.

Book: The Siren by Kiera Cass

This book is like a romance-fantasy and Kiera Cass is like my favorite author! She is so fun to read! I couldn’t stop reading The Siren. I picked it up and didn’t put it down until I finished it (and once to help with the dishes!) It’s about a girl who becomes a Siren and falls in love with a boy but she can’t talk to him because her voice could kill him. And then something happens. But I can’t tell you because that would be a spoiler! 😜

Gifts to give to each member of the family: See below

Mom: Coffee mugs (if she likes coffee)

Dad: An DVD of a move or TV show he likes

Older Brother: A video game of some sort or (if he doesn’t play video games) clothes (coo ones)

Younger brother: Temporary tattoos or a remote control truck

Older sister: Jewelry or books

Younger sister: A camera that prints the pictures or drawing utensils

Anyone: A calendar for the coming new year

Sheesh I can’t think of any other recommendations…hmm… Movie I guess? OK

Movie: Frozen 2

Again with the elements. I love elements. I have to admit. Frozen 2 is actually somewhat better than Frozen.

OK PEEPS that’s all for now and happy new year!

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