Outfits I love

Hello hello hello! Again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted so have some news, I finished Lodestar! It’s he best book in KotLC yet imo. Also two more kittens died 😭 very sad but I’ll spare you of that sadness by posting a ton of outfits that I found on the internet that I think look awesome.

#1 Jeans jacket and skirt

This is my all time favorite outfit; at least at the moment. The picture portrays it very well minus the shoes those are just ugly.

#2 Idek what to call it

I mostly like the blue theme. I love blue! But the coffee she’s holding just interrupts it all *blows a raspberry at the cup*

#3 More blue with a bit of brown

It’s a little blurry cuz it’s a screenshot. I found a picture of a bunch of mini pictures of this same girl in different outfits. I like how there are cool colors (blue and green) and then a splash of brown which is like a warm color but doesn’t make as big of a statement as red. Oh and I love the boots they look cool.

#4 Cozy and cool

Again it’s blurry cuz it’s from the same pic but I really like the calm pink and the white necklace that adds a little bit of excitement. Oh and again, the boots are cool.

#5 Everyday yet unique

On this one I think the belt is cool and unique and so is the brown skirt. I think everything goes together nicely.

#6 Pale and pretty

I like this one because there are all pale colors which is my 2nd favorite theme after blue but the shoes are a bit fancy so, minus the shoes (again), this is really pretty.

#7 Fringey awesomeness

I especially love the fringed cardigan here and the shoes (finally).

#8 Long shirt (blue)

More blue! I think the shirt is really pretty.

That’s all! I hope you liked it!

For the honorable mention, it’s Nea Lei from Reached of the Matched series. Unfortunately, there is no picture on the internet. Bye!

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