Another (short) unfortunate announcement

Hiiiiiiiiiii. Turns out it is very difficult for me to post once a month without internet and I unfortunately have to not make any promises that I will update frequently. I am soooo sorry and I am honestly upset too. I would like to post more often but it is very difficult and this is the second time since that last post that I’ve had internet. (the first time I just forgot to post sry!) I will have to say that I might not be able to post for long periods of time but If I find the chance or need I will. Again, I’m sorry.

I will give this post an honorable mention to make it less sad and boring.

Kakeru Manabe from fruits basket. He is the beeeeeeeeest!


A Rather Unfortunate Announcement

I have no internet a my house therefore, I cannot write blog posts. I would need to go to the library (or another place with internet) very often and sometimes, I am unable to go there. So to make things less stressful, I decided that I’m only going to write one post a month. I apologize and it isn’t really in my best interests either but it’s really stressful having to bring my computer whenever we go somewhere with internet (which is not that often) so I’ll still write just not as often. But since this post was kinda boring so far I’ll just say some things that are hopefully more intresting.

I decided to start a book club. There are particular people I wish could join but they are in Georgia and well 😦

I found out about this book, Scythe, by Neal Shusterman, it’s GREAT

School started, it is also GREAT.

Cutie cats:

The honorable mention is:

Cottia from The Eagle of the Ninth

My bedside table

Before we get into explaining my bedside table, (LOL probably makes 0 sense amiright?) I’d like to share some Pixie pics. She’s moved too another person’s house and is hangin with Fitz (her son) and a dog. And I think some random other cats maybe…

Aww again

I miss her soooooooo much.

Anyway, onto the actual post (Which I’m writing outside, using a hotspot thingamajigy). My bedside table basically is all the books I’m reading as of now. Which is a ton. And they’re pretty much all on my edside table.

#1 Flashback by Shannon Messenger

I like it so far, actually I’m loving it but I really hate Fitz for waking up and ruining the quality Team Foster-Keefe time. I’m almost halfway through.

#2 The Decievers by Margaret Peterson Haddix

It’s the second book in the Greystone secrets. Not much to say except, ‘hooray! Natalie’s a protagonist’ and ‘I like it.’ I’m about three quarters through.

#3 Beautiful Creatures By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

It’s one of those books you can’t stop reading. I may only be like an eighth through it but I really like it.

#4 Lullaby By Amanda Hocking

The second book in the Watersong trilogy. I literally have read like three chapters.

#5 Warriors: A Vision of Shadows: The apprentices quest

Not that far into this one either but it’s good just like all Warriors books! πŸ™‚

#6 The Dark Secret

I love this book! Only like a third through but it’s good!

I’m also listening to a Magnus Chase audiobook which isn’t on my bedside table. I’m halfway through that. It’s great!

Welp, That’s all for today

I’m honorably mentioning Lena Ducchannes

Mata ne!

Going on hiatus✌️

I’m in America! Woohoo! However, I’m going up to the cabin for a couple of weeks so I can’t blog. The reason I haven’t been very active recently is because I have no internet at my house here. I can only get it a the library and this is the first time I’ve been her since we got back. Anyway, our kittens, from previous posts have all found homes and the cats…well it’s a confusing situation, there’s like currently two people taking care of them but some other people are supposed to but they have covid I think…anyway, everything’s fine but check the Pixie news section for the situation through Pixie’s eyes.

So, I’m going on hiatus for 20 days.

Bye till then!

The honorable mention is Marcy from Wake by Amanda Hocking. There’s no picture because it’s not famous enough. Phooey.

Pictures of our kittens

Hello! I havent posted in over a week and unfortunately, that is becoming the norm. We’ve still got six kittens and we’ve been stressing out over finding them homes. I think two definitely have homes but the others are questionable, everything should be fine though. So… without further ado, here they are:


Not all the pictures are that great but RN it’s the best I’ve got.

One’s going to my godfather and another is hopefully going with a stranger coming tomorrow. (Wow that sounded creepy. It’s not actually that creepy, believe me)

We are going back to America soon and we sadly can’t take our cats with so Pixie’s gonna stay with our neighbor, Dove might go to our village 😦 and Cloudy’s staying with our house sitters.

That’s all for now, I’d like to ask one more question though, only for people who have read KotLC:

What do you think of the ship Litz/Finh?

I’m just trying to find people who ship it. It seems like barely anyone does.

Oh yeah, and I made a quiz on Quotev, here it is:

Please take it! X)

The honorable mention is:

Shay from Uglies, by Scott Westerfield

Potential blurbs for my book

Hello people. I have been neglecting writing a post for a while so I better not put it off any longer, so…Hello! I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but yes I’m writing a book, It’s currently called The Elements of Imotoden. The title may very well change. I’m not sure if it will be a series or a stand alone book but to give you an idea of what it’s about, I am going to write a few blurbs, I don’t know which one to use yet so give your suggestions in the comments πŸ˜‰


Aria Saskien, the 14 year old princess of Imotoden, a four part country consisting of Elves, Pixies, Mermaids, and Fairies, Is different from the rest of her region. All the Elves have the power to control one of the four elements but Aria can control ice. And she is the only one. She discovers this in a secret library that is forbidden for mysterious, unknown reasons and while she struggles to figure out the meaning of this, a war awakens between the Fairies and Elves. She gathers allies to help her capture the evil king of the Fairies, Nex but is there a bigger picture that she’s missing?


The Fairy region has known evil kings before but Nex has decided it is time to claim the ultimate throne for himself. He starts a war with the Elves who have ruled Imotoden for centuries and the peculiar ice princess of the Elves who should only be able to control one of the four elements, Aria Saskien, attempts to capture Nex and end the war with help from her friends but one important part is missing, can she figure it out before everyone and everything she has known is lost?


Aria Saskien is different from the rest of the Elves in her region, not only because she is the princess but because she can control ice instead of one of the four elements. Unfortunately, this unique power will be of no use to her while she and her new friends try to capture Nex, the evil Fairy king and end the unnecessary war that has started between the Elves and Fairies. But this new problem doesn’t distract her from figuring out the truth behind her power. And the answer may just tie everything together.

I hope you liked it! And remember, tell me which one you like the most, I may use it if I get the most comments for it. Also, I know it seems a bit like Frozen with the whole ice princess situation but hopefully I’ve switched it up enough, as for the honorable mention, I might as well do Aria:

Just found it online, imagine her with pointy ears too

Outfits I love

Hello hello hello! Again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted so have some news, I finished Lodestar! It’s he best book in KotLC yet imo. Also two more kittens died 😭 very sad but I’ll spare you of that sadness by posting a ton of outfits that I found on the internet that I think look awesome.

#1 Jeans jacket and skirt

This is my all time favorite outfit; at least at the moment. The picture portrays it very well minus the shoes those are just ugly.

#2 Idek what to call it

I mostly like the blue theme. I love blue! But the coffee she’s holding just interrupts it all *blows a raspberry at the cup*

#3 More blue with a bit of brown

It’s a little blurry cuz it’s a screenshot. I found a picture of a bunch of mini pictures of this same girl in different outfits. I like how there are cool colors (blue and green) and then a splash of brown which is like a warm color but doesn’t make as big of a statement as red. Oh and I love the boots they look cool.

#4 Cozy and cool

Again it’s blurry cuz it’s from the same pic but I really like the calm pink and the white necklace that adds a little bit of excitement. Oh and again, the boots are cool.

#5 Everyday yet unique

On this one I think the belt is cool and unique and so is the brown skirt. I think everything goes together nicely.

#6 Pale and pretty

I like this one because there are all pale colors which is my 2nd favorite theme after blue but the shoes are a bit fancy so, minus the shoes (again), this is really pretty.

#7 Fringey awesomeness

I especially love the fringed cardigan here and the shoes (finally).

#8 Long shirt (blue)

More blue! I think the shirt is really pretty.

That’s all! I hope you liked it!

For the honorable mention, it’s Nea Lei from Reached of the Matched series. Unfortunately, there is no picture on the internet. Bye!


Some of you might be happy whilst some of you might get judgmental or whatever bad emotions you get when kittens are unexpectedly born. Yea, Pix and Dove had kittens! Both of them.

Pixie had four but now she has only three. Sadly, two of them died, after the first one did, we gave her one of Doves’ six. Big mistake she only has enough milk for three kittens. The three kittens she has now are two of her own and one of Dove’s. Their names are Fitz, Biana, and Sora.

Fitz is brown and white male, Biana is a tortoiseshell female, and Sora is kind of a greyish blackish and white female. Sora is Dove’s but let’s just say Pixie is her foster mother. Dove has five, or rather, she’s taking care of five. She gave birth to six. Only one of her beans have a name if you don’t count Sora. That little guy is called Theo after Theo Stein – Meyer from The Magic Misfits beacause he wears tuxedos and Theo, the cat, is a tuxedo cat. I also take it you know who Fitz and Biana are named after…that is if you’ve read KotLC.

Yesterday, Biana bean had to get a flea bath :p So many nasty fleas! Ugh. It worked quite well although she still has maybe one or two living ones but she used to have like 20. Ok Sophie moving on…

They all live happily together in the nursery! Which is a craft room/office and now, nursery for kittens. I would put pictures of all of them but I can only put pictures of Dove’s. I haven’t taken any of Pix’s yet so anyway, here are Dove’s kittens at approximately 2 days old:

So teeny
A bit confusing
So Sweet!

I’ll see if I can take any pictures of Pixie’s kittens, I’ll add them if I can and good day to you all!

For the fictional character we have none other than the legendary Firestar! Why does everyone hate him!? He’s awesome.

Rest in Peace

EVERBLAZE (Spoiler warning)

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in like over a month! Totally absurd super sorry I’ll try not to do it again. I just got distracted by soooo many other things I can’t begin to express my apologies. About my goal, I’ve changed the plot but I won’t share too much in case I change it again. No progress with an illustrator but as I may have said in my last post, I’m thinking of illustrating the manga myself. I also think I might put it off for a bit but moving on, I decided to talk about Keeper of the lost cities EVERBLAZE there will be spoilers so continue at your own risk. I have one chapter left so if somethings may be affected. The reason I’m keeping it is because it’s a habit of mine to not read the last chapter of a book until I’m very close to getting the next book.

EVERBLAZE was like boom! This is happening oop now this is happening. It was all over the place but surprisingly, I liked that. And in the end, it all kinda added up. There were a bnch of things I didn’t understand on the way. Here they are, simplified:

#1 I totally though Sandor was part of the Neverseen. Reasons being a few actually. Some of which are: He probably has a big foot right? He could’ve made that footprint, he also wouldn’t let Sophie retrieve those note from the Black Swan alone, and he’s closer than she might realize.

#2 Why the heck was the journal in a secret mirror compartment? It could’ve been in Vertina’s mirror itself. It’s in a mirror that she can’t see for crying out loud!

#3 Why did Fintan die…? He’s a Pyrokinetic he can survive flames can’t he? It’s still a possibility that he’s alive right…? Yup

#4 Hah! tricked you! There’s only three things I don’t really understand. EVERBLAZE is a great book! There’s very few things wrong with it.

I wrote a song about Fintan, The begining is about what happens in EXILE but the rest is from EVERBLAZE:

Deep into my mind they go

Looking for secrets I won’t let go

Got a chance denied it and my mind got broke

It was all worth it though.

Alone am I

A fractured mind

I’m transferred to Oblivimyre

I’ve planted traps

They’re in my head.

I’m sad to say I’ll soon be dead

but the traps they’re for the little girl

around her the flames will curl

The Everblaze is destined to kill us all!

The flames shoot out!

Don’t save your hearts

Give in to your burning body parts

I don’t know if I’m healed

It’s all surreal but the rage it powers me!

Purple puddles are all around

All that’s said is “what why how?”

Engulfed in flames there’s no way out

You’ll all come down with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do ya like it?

Now for my overall review,

I absolutely loved this book and it thankfully doesn’t say the word safe as much as EXILE. It does however repeat a different phrase twice a few times in a chapter for example, in chapter 36 it says the phrase, “just as quickly” twice.

My star rating has got to be 5 out of 5 I can’t wait to read NEVERSEEN I mean I get to meet Tam and Linh and – Sophie, this is about EVERBLAZE not NEVERSEEN – yes yes right. Well, I love this book I’m pretty sure maximum like two, maybe three people have read this post that have actually read EVERBLAZE but it was fun and I hope you liked it too!

The special honors goes to Fitz Vacker, mostly because he’s on the front of the book.


Rating KotLC Characters

So, I’m going to be saying what I think of the main characters in the Keeper of the Lost Cities book. I’ll give an explanation of what I think of them then a star rating, and just a heads up, I’ve only read the first two books. (I have a couple chapters left in EXILE still though) so I might say something…odd…? please excuse me if I do.

Sophie: My impression of Sophie actually confuses me. I like her bravery and how she is determined and takes risks but how I see her when she’s not about to die really contrasts that. She seems overly concerned with safety (not mentioning the fact she always gets herself in danger) and I must admit it gets on my nerves. Also, I strangely take minimum notice to how we share a name xD. Overall, Sophie is a strong role model though she has some moments that make me unsure of how much I like her as a character.

Star Rating: β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† – Four stars

Fitz: This may sound odd…but I like Fitz’s anger. People who get angry always seem more likable at least in my opinion. I don’t really have a lot to say about Fitz I can barely make sense of how I feel about him. He seems quite normal to me there’s not much I identify him by…yet. I’m sure I’ll get more about him from the books to come.

Star Rating: β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† – Four stars

Dex: I honestly love Dex’s personality. His looks just remind me too much of my ten year old brother. He’s described to have strawberry blonde hair but I can’t get the image of him with red hair out of my head. He also seems kinda immature to me? I like that he wants another ability…or wanted…(I’m only on the second book remember) and I like how he’s jealous of Keefe (or was…? I think Fitz is currently the jealous one according to memes I’ve seen) I do think it’s weird that he’s Sophie’s best friend though…I mean he has a crush on her…I wonder how hard it is for him to have live in the friend zone…(I don’t ship Dexphie though and I’m telling myself to shut up and move on)

Star Rating: β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† – Four stars…again

Keefe: Finally!! Keefe is probably my second favorite character after Linh who I haven’t even met yet (I am a strange person). He is simply hilarious and amazing! I love how he gives everything names. Like Gigantor and Glitter Butt. He also has three main words. #1 Whoa #2 Hey #3 Dude. he just says them a lot xD THe only thing even remotely wrong with Keefe is that he makes too many jokes. He speaks in jokes. I actually knew someone like that…okay Sophie sheesh pay attention (I talk to myself a lot xD) my overall impression of Keefe is that he’s amazing and wonderful and a buncha other good things.

Star Rating: β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†– Five stars

Biana: Biana is alright. She has a wonderful sense of fashion. I especially like her turquoise dress. Her character is nice as well. I really don’t have any problem with her except one and that is her name. I think Biana is a weird name (No offense Shannon Messenger) I really do like Biana though but sometimes names define everything for me and that is a flaw I have.

Star Rating: β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† – Four stars yet again

I can’t really say anyone else because I haven’t officially met Wylie Tam or Linh yet. I could do Marella but she isn’t really a main character so That’s all!

The honorable mention today is for Silveny/Glitterbutt the Alicorn

Yay I can finally see it!