My Pokemon Cards

Sooo….Hi! We’re in MN now and I love it! All the stores are open and because of that, I’ve used up a lot of my money on Pokemon cards. I don’t think it was a waste. I got a lot of cute ones! Since it’s too hard to take pics of the real ones, ‘ll just find some on the internet and upload them here. And just as a side note, I’ don’t care about the HP and strength and stuff. I just care about how cute or pretty it is. :3

So the first one I’ll tell you about is … POPPLIO!!! I freaked out when I got it. Actually, I got two but I’m not going to start bragging now. Here:

Pokemon Sun Moon Sun Moon Base Set Single Card Common Popplio 39 - ToyWiz
The first Popplio I got
Pokemon Trading Card Game Lost Thunder Single Card Common Popplio 64 -  ToyWiz
The second one I got
Pokemon Trading Card Game Lost Thunder Single Card Common Jigglypuff 133 -  ToyWiz
Sooo cuuute! Also, lying on cake or something…*shrug*
Altaria - Pokemon | TrollAndToad
Isn’t it pretty?
Dragonair | Sun & Moon | TCG Card Database |
One of my favs
Milcery Rebel Clash #86 Common – CinderCards
Vulpix | Rebel Clash | TCG Card Database |
Togedemaru - Pokemon Sun & Moon Promos - Pokemon | TrollAndToad
It’s holo!
Hoppip | Lost Thunder | TCG Card Database |
cuteness overload!
Chimecho - SM - Crimson Invasion, Pokemon - Online Gaming Store for Cards,  Miniatures, Singles, Packs & Booster Boxes
Cutes patoots
Ralts | Lost Thunder | TCG Card Database |
Is it made out of clay or what? Idk but it’s like one of my absolute favorite Pokemon! Pokemon - Mantine (27/114) - XY Steam Siege: Toys & Games
I just respect it

Now those were just my cute ones in MN. I have plenty of cute and pretty ones in Georgia too and also plenty of ugly ones like Morgrem and Alolan Ratticate. PU

K folks that’s it for today!

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