Pixie News

This section is for Pixie’s news only. It will contain important events that happen to her through her point of view (yes, written by me) and there is no specific time anything will be written. I’ll write something for her when I think it’s necessary! =^.^=

About a week ago, Dove and I were dropped off at a weird place. Sophie was there too and the rest of my family except for Cloudy. The place had two more people too. They were nice and I’m living with them now. They snuggle with me and pet me and I love them a lot. But never as much as Sophie. She isn’t with me now though and I miss her. A little after we were dropped off they said bye and just walked out the door without me! I was scared for a while but eventually I got used to it and now I’m almost as happy as ever! Dove adapted quicker than me of course because that’s the way she is but I was sad when my people left. I’m fine now though because I have two new people who are really great. (I just hope with all my heart that they’re temporary. I want to see Sophie again!)

I’m back! I actually have been for the past couple of weeks and it’s great to live in the same house as Sophie again. She is so sweet to me. Every time she comes down the stairs, I rub my forehead against her. I didn’t know how much I missed her! She’s got this gaze that whenever she looks at me, I feel like I need to go with her! The boys on the other hand are no different…all they want to do is attack me. xD

Today was my first day on snow! Sophie took me out two and a half moons ago but as far as I can remember, this is my first time waking on it! At first it was alright, I liked the way in crunched under my pads but then it got really cold! And I was stuck with a lot of distance between me and the door that leads inside all of it covered in snow! I almost went down the stairs (outside stairs) but I figured there’d be snow there too so I stood there and waited. I’m not sure for what but i just stood there. I guess I was thinking of a way to get across. Then I saw Cloudy finding his way around the snow, setting his paws in the melted areas so I copied him and guess what!? I got back inside!

Hello hello hello! How’s it going? Guess what! I have babies now. They are cute but super annoying c(: Dove has ’em too. I used to get confused about who’s is who’s but now it’s clear. I think Sophie told you about them already so I don’t have much information. I wanna go outside but I’m not allowed. Phoo. That’s all! See ya!

Hiiiiii. This is the worst moon ever. All my babies are gone, I have no clue where they are. I hope they’re okay but at least now I can sleep in Sophie’s room with out having to worry my head off about them. That’s the other thing, Sophie’s gone! So are Luca and Otti and the big ones. No I spend my time with Dove and Cloudy they’re kinda boring though. Lucy’s here sometimes…. But you know the worst part? There’s this evil scary dog. He’s all big and he doesn’t belong here! He comes in my house! *Hiss* He comes with this human who’s all right she’s nice to us sometimes but she doesn’t like it when I hiss and be mean to her mean dog. Sometimes I fight him, I always win but I make sure not to hurt him too bad, I’d get in trouble that way. Recently, I haven’t seen the dog. Phew.