My bedside table

Before we get into explaining my bedside table, (LOL probably makes 0 sense amiright?) I’d like to share some Pixie pics. She’s moved too another person’s house and is hangin with Fitz (her son) and a dog. And I think some random other cats maybe…

Aww again

I miss her soooooooo much.

Anyway, onto the actual post (Which I’m writing outside, using a hotspot thingamajigy). My bedside table basically is all the books I’m reading as of now. Which is a ton. And they’re pretty much all on my edside table.

#1 Flashback by Shannon Messenger

I like it so far, actually I’m loving it but I really hate Fitz for waking up and ruining the quality Team Foster-Keefe time. I’m almost halfway through.

#2 The Decievers by Margaret Peterson Haddix

It’s the second book in the Greystone secrets. Not much to say except, ‘hooray! Natalie’s a protagonist’ and ‘I like it.’ I’m about three quarters through.

#3 Beautiful Creatures By Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

It’s one of those books you can’t stop reading. I may only be like an eighth through it but I really like it.

#4 Lullaby By Amanda Hocking

The second book in the Watersong trilogy. I literally have read like three chapters.

#5 Warriors: A Vision of Shadows: The apprentices quest

Not that far into this one either but it’s good just like all Warriors books! 🙂

#6 The Dark Secret

I love this book! Only like a third through but it’s good!

I’m also listening to a Magnus Chase audiobook which isn’t on my bedside table. I’m halfway through that. It’s great!

Welp, That’s all for today

I’m honorably mentioning Lena Ducchannes

Mata ne!