Going on hiatus✌️

I’m in America! Woohoo! However, I’m going up to the cabin for a couple of weeks so I can’t blog. The reason I haven’t been very active recently is because I have no internet at my house here. I can only get it a the library and this is the first time I’ve been her since we got back. Anyway, our kittens, from previous posts have all found homes and the cats…well it’s a confusing situation, there’s like currently two people taking care of them but some other people are supposed to but they have covid I think…anyway, everything’s fine but check the Pixie news section for the situation through Pixie’s eyes.

So, I’m going on hiatus for 20 days.

Bye till then!

The honorable mention is Marcy from Wake by Amanda Hocking. There’s no picture because it’s not famous enough. Phooey.