Potential blurbs for my book

Hello people. I have been neglecting writing a post for a while so I better not put it off any longer, so…Hello! I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but yes I’m writing a book, It’s currently called The Elements of Imotoden. The title may very well change. I’m not sure if it will be a series or a stand alone book but to give you an idea of what it’s about, I am going to write a few blurbs, I don’t know which one to use yet so give your suggestions in the comments 😉


Aria Saskien, the 14 year old princess of Imotoden, a four part country consisting of Elves, Pixies, Mermaids, and Fairies, Is different from the rest of her region. All the Elves have the power to control one of the four elements but Aria can control ice. And she is the only one. She discovers this in a secret library that is forbidden for mysterious, unknown reasons and while she struggles to figure out the meaning of this, a war awakens between the Fairies and Elves. She gathers allies to help her capture the evil king of the Fairies, Nex but is there a bigger picture that she’s missing?


The Fairy region has known evil kings before but Nex has decided it is time to claim the ultimate throne for himself. He starts a war with the Elves who have ruled Imotoden for centuries and the peculiar ice princess of the Elves who should only be able to control one of the four elements, Aria Saskien, attempts to capture Nex and end the war with help from her friends but one important part is missing, can she figure it out before everyone and everything she has known is lost?


Aria Saskien is different from the rest of the Elves in her region, not only because she is the princess but because she can control ice instead of one of the four elements. Unfortunately, this unique power will be of no use to her while she and her new friends try to capture Nex, the evil Fairy king and end the unnecessary war that has started between the Elves and Fairies. But this new problem doesn’t distract her from figuring out the truth behind her power. And the answer may just tie everything together.

I hope you liked it! And remember, tell me which one you like the most, I may use it if I get the most comments for it. Also, I know it seems a bit like Frozen with the whole ice princess situation but hopefully I’ve switched it up enough, as for the honorable mention, I might as well do Aria:

Just found it online, imagine her with pointy ears too

Outfits I love

Hello hello hello! Again, it’s been a while since I’ve posted so have some news, I finished Lodestar! It’s he best book in KotLC yet imo. Also two more kittens died 😭 very sad but I’ll spare you of that sadness by posting a ton of outfits that I found on the internet that I think look awesome.

#1 Jeans jacket and skirt

This is my all time favorite outfit; at least at the moment. The picture portrays it very well minus the shoes those are just ugly.

#2 Idek what to call it

I mostly like the blue theme. I love blue! But the coffee she’s holding just interrupts it all *blows a raspberry at the cup*

#3 More blue with a bit of brown

It’s a little blurry cuz it’s a screenshot. I found a picture of a bunch of mini pictures of this same girl in different outfits. I like how there are cool colors (blue and green) and then a splash of brown which is like a warm color but doesn’t make as big of a statement as red. Oh and I love the boots they look cool.

#4 Cozy and cool

Again it’s blurry cuz it’s from the same pic but I really like the calm pink and the white necklace that adds a little bit of excitement. Oh and again, the boots are cool.

#5 Everyday yet unique

On this one I think the belt is cool and unique and so is the brown skirt. I think everything goes together nicely.

#6 Pale and pretty

I like this one because there are all pale colors which is my 2nd favorite theme after blue but the shoes are a bit fancy so, minus the shoes (again), this is really pretty.

#7 Fringey awesomeness

I especially love the fringed cardigan here and the shoes (finally).

#8 Long shirt (blue)

More blue! I think the shirt is really pretty.

That’s all! I hope you liked it!

For the honorable mention, it’s Nea Lei from Reached of the Matched series. Unfortunately, there is no picture on the internet. Bye!