Some of you might be happy whilst some of you might get judgmental or whatever bad emotions you get when kittens are unexpectedly born. Yea, Pix and Dove had kittens! Both of them.

Pixie had four but now she has only three. Sadly, two of them died, after the first one did, we gave her one of Doves’ six. Big mistake she only has enough milk for three kittens. The three kittens she has now are two of her own and one of Dove’s. Their names are Fitz, Biana, and Sora.

Fitz is brown and white male, Biana is a tortoiseshell female, and Sora is kind of a greyish blackish and white female. Sora is Dove’s but let’s just say Pixie is her foster mother. Dove has five, or rather, she’s taking care of five. She gave birth to six. Only one of her beans have a name if you don’t count Sora. That little guy is called Theo after Theo Stein – Meyer from The Magic Misfits beacause he wears tuxedos and Theo, the cat, is a tuxedo cat. I also take it you know who Fitz and Biana are named after…that is if you’ve read KotLC.

Yesterday, Biana bean had to get a flea bath :p So many nasty fleas! Ugh. It worked quite well although she still has maybe one or two living ones but she used to have like 20. Ok Sophie moving on…

They all live happily together in the nursery! Which is a craft room/office and now, nursery for kittens. I would put pictures of all of them but I can only put pictures of Dove’s. I haven’t taken any of Pix’s yet so anyway, here are Dove’s kittens at approximately 2 days old:

So teeny
A bit confusing
So Sweet!

I’ll see if I can take any pictures of Pixie’s kittens, I’ll add them if I can and good day to you all!

For the fictional character we have none other than the legendary Firestar! Why does everyone hate him!? He’s awesome.

Rest in Peace