EVERBLAZE (Spoiler warning)

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in like over a month! Totally absurd super sorry I’ll try not to do it again. I just got distracted by soooo many other things I can’t begin to express my apologies. About my goal, I’ve changed the plot but I won’t share too much in case I change it again. No progress with an illustrator but as I may have said in my last post, I’m thinking of illustrating the manga myself. I also think I might put it off for a bit but moving on, I decided to talk about Keeper of the lost cities EVERBLAZE there will be spoilers so continue at your own risk. I have one chapter left so if somethings may be affected. The reason I’m keeping it is because it’s a habit of mine to not read the last chapter of a book until I’m very close to getting the next book.

EVERBLAZE was like boom! This is happening oop now this is happening. It was all over the place but surprisingly, I liked that. And in the end, it all kinda added up. There were a bnch of things I didn’t understand on the way. Here they are, simplified:

#1 I totally though Sandor was part of the Neverseen. Reasons being a few actually. Some of which are: He probably has a big foot right? He could’ve made that footprint, he also wouldn’t let Sophie retrieve those note from the Black Swan alone, and he’s closer than she might realize.

#2 Why the heck was the journal in a secret mirror compartment? It could’ve been in Vertina’s mirror itself. It’s in a mirror that she can’t see for crying out loud!

#3 Why did Fintan die…? He’s a Pyrokinetic he can survive flames can’t he? It’s still a possibility that he’s alive right…? Yup

#4 Hah! tricked you! There’s only three things I don’t really understand. EVERBLAZE is a great book! There’s very few things wrong with it.

I wrote a song about Fintan, The begining is about what happens in EXILE but the rest is from EVERBLAZE:

Deep into my mind they go

Looking for secrets I won’t let go

Got a chance denied it and my mind got broke

It was all worth it though.

Alone am I

A fractured mind

I’m transferred to Oblivimyre

I’ve planted traps

They’re in my head.

I’m sad to say I’ll soon be dead

but the traps they’re for the little girl

around her the flames will curl

The Everblaze is destined to kill us all!

The flames shoot out!

Don’t save your hearts

Give in to your burning body parts

I don’t know if I’m healed

It’s all surreal but the rage it powers me!

Purple puddles are all around

All that’s said is “what why how?”

Engulfed in flames there’s no way out

You’ll all come down with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do ya like it?

Now for my overall review,

I absolutely loved this book and it thankfully doesn’t say the word safe as much as EXILE. It does however repeat a different phrase twice a few times in a chapter for example, in chapter 36 it says the phrase, “just as quickly” twice.

My star rating has got to be 5 out of 5 I can’t wait to read NEVERSEEN I mean I get to meet Tam and Linh and – Sophie, this is about EVERBLAZE not NEVERSEEN – yes yes right. Well, I love this book I’m pretty sure maximum like two, maybe three people have read this post that have actually read EVERBLAZE but it was fun and I hope you liked it too!

The special honors goes to Fitz Vacker, mostly because he’s on the front of the book.