Rating KotLC Characters

So, I’m going to be saying what I think of the main characters in the Keeper of the Lost Cities book. I’ll give an explanation of what I think of them then a star rating, and just a heads up, I’ve only read the first two books. (I have a couple chapters left in EXILE still though) so I might say something…odd…? please excuse me if I do.

Sophie: My impression of Sophie actually confuses me. I like her bravery and how she is determined and takes risks but how I see her when she’s not about to die really contrasts that. She seems overly concerned with safety (not mentioning the fact she always gets herself in danger) and I must admit it gets on my nerves. Also, I strangely take minimum notice to how we share a name xD. Overall, Sophie is a strong role model though she has some moments that make me unsure of how much I like her as a character.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ – Four stars

Fitz: This may sound odd…but I like Fitz’s anger. People who get angry always seem more likable at least in my opinion. I don’t really have a lot to say about Fitz I can barely make sense of how I feel about him. He seems quite normal to me there’s not much I identify him by…yet. I’m sure I’ll get more about him from the books to come.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ – Four stars

Dex: I honestly love Dex’s personality. His looks just remind me too much of my ten year old brother. He’s described to have strawberry blonde hair but I can’t get the image of him with red hair out of my head. He also seems kinda immature to me? I like that he wants another ability…or wanted…(I’m only on the second book remember) and I like how he’s jealous of Keefe (or was…? I think Fitz is currently the jealous one according to memes I’ve seen) I do think it’s weird that he’s Sophie’s best friend though…I mean he has a crush on her…I wonder how hard it is for him to have live in the friend zone…(I don’t ship Dexphie though and I’m telling myself to shut up and move on)

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ – Four stars…again

Keefe: Finally!! Keefe is probably my second favorite character after Linh who I haven’t even met yet (I am a strange person). He is simply hilarious and amazing! I love how he gives everything names. Like Gigantor and Glitter Butt. He also has three main words. #1 Whoa #2 Hey #3 Dude. he just says them a lot xD THe only thing even remotely wrong with Keefe is that he makes too many jokes. He speaks in jokes. I actually knew someone like that…okay Sophie sheesh pay attention (I talk to myself a lot xD) my overall impression of Keefe is that he’s amazing and wonderful and a buncha other good things.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆– Five stars

Biana: Biana is alright. She has a wonderful sense of fashion. I especially like her turquoise dress. Her character is nice as well. I really don’t have any problem with her except one and that is her name. I think Biana is a weird name (No offense Shannon Messenger) I really do like Biana though but sometimes names define everything for me and that is a flaw I have.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ – Four stars yet again

I can’t really say anyone else because I haven’t officially met Wylie Tam or Linh yet. I could do Marella but she isn’t really a main character so That’s all!

The honorable mention today is for Silveny/Glitterbutt the Alicorn

Yay I can finally see it!


Insane Names I give my cats

First of all, an update on my goal, The artist hasn’t responded for days! I might need to just illustrate the manga myself.

Now for the insane names

As a side note, the ! marks mean I only say the name loudly or squeaky

Let’s start with Pixie

  1. Pikushi (Japanese word for Pixie)
  2. Pikolsheps (I said they were insane)
  3. Pikuspeps
  4. Kolshi (evolved from Pikolsheps)
  5. Peps
  6. Pepsbean
  7. Pix!!!!
  8. Lovebean
  9. Pikusi
  10. Pixol
  11. Pixelixel
  12. Obean
  13. Pepsicute
  14. Pixel
  15. Pikushipeps

(That was embarrassing)

Now for Dove

  1. Hatobean (probs most commonly used)
  2. Hato (Japanese word for Dove/Pigeon)
  3. Pigeonbean
  4. Pigeonlove
  5. Lovebean (again)
  6. Obean (again)
  7. Olove
  8. Lovedove
  9. Hatolove!!!
  10. Silly lil love

Now Cloudy

  1. Ku-kun (confusing Japanese explanation that I don’t have time for)
  2. Loudsbean
  3. Loudsio
  4. Kwowds
  5. Fluffbutt (xD)
  6. Fluffcloud
  7. Kumo! (Japanese word for cloud)
  8. Kumori (Japanese word for cloudy/overcast xD)
  9. Kumori-kun
  10. Olouds
  11. Fluffbean

That’s about it

And for the honorable mention, it’…Cassia Reyes!

Cassia Reyes | Matched Wiki | Fandom

I can’t see it this time either!