Update on Goal and more Potentially Interesting Stuff


I have got a potential manga artist. I didn’t ask permission to tell y’all about him so I’m just gonna say he exists and is willing to draw for me.

Sheesh…this is a useless post

Anyway, I have started to write the script but I haven’t come very far I’ve decide to call it ‘Your Reflection’ for a reason that very well may be a spoiler so I won’t say it. In Japanese it’s called Anata No Hansei.

I’ve started reading WoF The Hidden Kingdom and it’s pretty good so far! I’ve only read the first two books in graphic novel form so I expected some things to be confusing but so far it’s all somewhat easy to understand. (Webs does seem to be more important in the novel version though)

I’ve also been watching the animes Fruits Basket and Nagi No Asukara which are both great, amazing, and any other positive word

It concerns me though that Nagi No Asukara isn’t famous. I personally think it should be but I am only on the 9th episode so maybe something happens that makes it not famous? I don’t know. Fruits Basket on the other hand is pretty well known and I can see why.

O.M.G I completely forgot about this!

I have left my School! Like I’m not even learning there anymore. It’s not bad. I’m kinda homeschooling now.

Okay, this is the part I was looking forward to. The honorable mention!

Today it’s Glory from wings of fire:

Queen Glory | Starscape Test Wiki | Fandom

I don’t know if you can see it. I can’t…

Anyway, I hope that post was okay for now I just couldn’t think of anything else to say! xD